USB OTG Bracelet

          Brand: Apex
          Date: March 2014

          Apex Zip is a multifunctional designed OTG bracelet which targets at modish youngsters. The bracelet combines with a micro USB head and a USB micro SD slot which can be used as a charging cable or external card reader. The fashionable design and user friendly feature make this OTG bracelet outstanding from the market.


          Target market?
          – Age 16 – 35
          – Smart phone user
          – Medium to high usage
          – Fashionable


          What Apex Zip made of?
          – Zipable bracelet
          – USB (Type A) to micro USB (Type B)
          – Extendable cable (222.5mm – 400mm)
          – High quality material
          – Meet CE / FCC standard
          – 2.1A high charging speed cable



          Data Storage
          – USB memory stick to PC
          – Micro SD card adaptor
          – Compatible up to 32GB micro SD card
          – Unlimited expand memory
          – Instantly, load photo and video from external memory to smart phones


          -Connect with battery pack (charging cable)
          -Instantly upload and download video, pictures and music
          -Storage data as Memory Stick
          -Travel use
          -Plug N Play
          -Hand band, handbag, rack sack
          -Splash proof
          -Young looking style
          -Portable cable -Easy to carry




          Download User Manual

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