OTG Card Reader and USB

          Brand: Apex
          Date: March 2014

          A light-weighted and portable USB OTG card reader in which you could hang on your keychain or mobile strap for convenient file storage – direct read/write files to mobile phones, tablets, ipads and laptops


          -Instantly upload, store and transfer video, pictures and music from external memory (Port-mem)
          – Use as Memory Stick on your PC and Mac
          – Card reader can compatible up to 32GB micro SD card
          – Plug N Play
          – Portable memory – Easy to carry
          – Pocket size
          – Trendy and fashionable design
          – Low cost


          Q & A

          1. What will you do if your phone run out of data storage?
          It can instantly store documents, videos, pictures, songs and other files from your phones and transfer to the external memory.


          2. Who will use this products?
          Android device users with large data storage needed, especially the new HTC and other smart phones without built in external card reader.


          3. Does it have to connect with computer?
          It can be use as data sharing which can transfer large file between smart phones without any computer devices.


          4. Difference between Cloud, Drop box?
          Both data storage system require internet access and time to stream the file to your smart phones. It could take 5-10mins or more to stream a video which depends on the speed of access point. But this USB card reader can load and save any external data Instantly without internet access.


          5. Where is the card reader?
          The card reader is located in the USB type A and it can compactable up to 32GB micro SD card.


          6. Does it work on all Android devices?
          Nowadays, it will work most of the Android devices with OTG function with minimum of Android system 3.0 version or above.


          7. How to use this OTG USB card reader?
          Just plug the micro USB connector onto your smart phone and your devices will show ‘external memory connected’, then it will automatically load to the file page with ‘External USB A’ show on the page. Click on the external USB A and you will able to see all your files.


          8. Does it work on iPhone?
          Sorry, recently it supports Android phone only. But we have the ISO version coming soon!


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